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Every serious player should know what wins in their lottery game and what doesn't.

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Do the numbers you play in the lottery seldom win?

If so, you might be playing numbers or number patterns that rarely appear in winning number combinations. To determine what wins and what doesn't in your lottery game we recommend lottery game analysis.

Lottery game analysis is a multi-point analysis of past winning number combinations from your lottery game.

Analysis Results Include:

  • Individual number frequency (chart, table)
Lottery Game Analysis
  • Number group frequency (chart, table)
  • hot, warm, cool, cold number analysis
  • odd/even number frequency
  • high/low number frequency
  • consecutive number frequency
  • common number frequency

Using the results from the analysis as a reference and guide lottery players can check the quality of quick picks, favorite numbers or select the best numbers to play in their game.

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How much do you know about your lottery game?

For example:

  • How often do consecutive numbers appear in winning number combinations?
  • How often do winning number combinations contain all odd or all even numbers?
  • Which numbers should you avoid playing as they have rarely or never been selected after 100 or more drawings?

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ABOUT GENERIC ANALYSIS - Generic analysis results are generated using past winning lottery number combinations from one or more lottery games with the same game parameters. Generic analysis is primarily used when the winning number history for a lottery game is not available in sufficient quantities to perform an analysis. Generic analyis results are identified as generic.

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Lottery Game Analysis Product List:

US Powerball Lottery Game Analysis 5/1-69 298 $6.99 Buy
EuroMillions Lottery Game Analysis 5/1-50 1161 $6.99 Buy
Texas Lotto Analysis 6/1-54 500 $6.99 Buy
Texas Cash 5 Lottery Game Analysis 5/1-35 179 $6.99 Buy
5/1-39 Lottery Game Analysis   (generic)


  • Arkansas Natural State
  • CA Fantasy 5
  • Georgia Fantasy 5
  • Maine Gimme 5
  • Maryland Bonus Match
  • Michigan Fantasy 5
  • Missouri Show Me Cash
  • New York Take 5
  • Ohio Rolling Cash 5
  • Washington Hit 5
  • UK Thunderball
5/1-39 4000 $6.99 Buy
6/1-49 Lottery Game Analysis   (generic)


  • Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler
  • New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto
  • Ohio Classic Lotto
  • Pennsylvania Match 6
  • Washington Lotto
  • Wisconsin Megabucks
  • Canada Atlantic 49
  • Canada Lotto 649
  • Canada BC 49
  • Canada Ontario 49
  • Canada Western 649
  • UK 49s
  • German Lotto
  • Spain Daily 6/49
  • Spanish 6/49
6/1-49 2773 $6.99 Buy