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Don't guess, play the best!  Choosing the best numbers to play in your lottery game has never been easier.

We've generated the best number combinations to play in your lottery game based on a multi-point analysis of past winning number combinations from your game. Analysis looks at elements of past winning number combinations such as:

  • Number frequency
  • Consecutive numbers
  • Common numbers
  • Odd and even numbers
  • High and low numbers

Depending on the lottery game, there may be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of number combinations to avoid playing because they contain low-probability numbers and number patterns that appear less frequently in winning number combinations.

Have you been playing the best number combinations for your lottery game?

With your purchase you will receive the Best Number combinations for your lottery game in basic text files that can be opened in any word processor and Excel. The amount of Best Number combinations you will receive for your lottery game is shown in the "Best Combinations" column in the table below.

If you are ready to take control of the numbers you play check to see if we offer a Best Numbers product for your lottery game in the product list below.


  • Best Number Combinations for your lottery game
  • 100% analysis based for maximum accuracy
  • Up to 1M number combinations per file
  • View in any word processor or Excel
  • No risk of viruses or malware

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ABOUT GENERIC BEST NUMBERS - Generic Best Number combinations are generated using analysis results from multiple lottery games with the same game parameters and are identified as such.

DISCLAIMERS - All warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, usefulness, accuracy, completeness are disclaimed. makes no guarantee that you will win a lottery game using our Best Numbers products.

* IMPROVEMENT - the decrease in number combinations from all possible to best combinations. The goal for Best Numbers is a 40-60% reduction in total number combinations with a 60-70% accuracy rate in future drawings. Be aware there will always be significant odds against winning the lottery.

! Best Numbers are intended to be a key part of your long term winning strategy, not for overnight success.

Best Numbers Product List:

Best Number Combinations for US Powerball 5/1-69 11,238,513 4,263,946 62% $5.99 Buy
Best Number Combinations for EuroMillions 5/1-50 2,118,760 1,258,564 41% $5.99 Buy
Best Number Combinations for Texas Cash 5 5/1-35 324,632 151,628 53% $5.99 Buy
Best Number Combinations for 5/1-39 Lottery Games


  • Arkansas Natural State
  • CA Fantasy 5
  • Georgia Fantasy 5
  • Maine Gimme 5
  • Maryland Bonus Match
  • Michigan Fantasy 5
  • Missouri Show Me Cash
  • New York Take 5
  • Ohio Rolling Cash 5
  • Washington Hit 5
  • UK Thunderball
575,757 272,142 53% $5.99 Buy
Best Number Combinations for 6/1-49 Lottery Games


  • Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler
  • New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto
  • Ohio Classic Lotto
  • Pennsylvania Match 6
  • Washington Lotto
  • Wisconsin Megabucks
  • Canada Atlantic 49
  • Canada Lotto 649
  • Canada BC 49
  • Canada Ontario 49
  • Canada Western 649
  • UK 49s
  • German Lotto
  • Spain Daily 6/49
  • Spanish 6/49
13,983,816 7,098,241 49% $5.99 Buy

* IMPROVEMENT - the decrease in number combinations from all possible to best combinations.

DISCLAIMER - All data and information on this page is assumed accurate but not guranteed.