Request Lottery Game Analysis

You may request that we perform an analysis of your lottery game and add it to our product list by sending us some basic information about the game.

Please include the following:

  1. The name of the lottery game and location where it is played.
  2. The game parameters, such as how many numbers are selected in a drawing and from what size pool of numbers   (Example: 5/1-69).
  3. A URL to the official web site for the lottery game.
  4. A list of past winning number combinations for the game if you have them.

We will not be able to perform an analysis of the lottery game if:

  • There are too few past winning number combinations to analyze.
  • The past winning number combinations are not readily available.

Analysis Limitations:

  • Number combinations may contain up to 6 numbers and a bonus number.
  • Range limit 80 (1-80) for 2, 3, 4 and 5 number games.
  • Range limit 54 (1-54) for 6 number games.

At this time we cannot analyze games where 7 or more numbers are selected in a drawing or Pick 3|4|5 [0-9] style games. Also, we cannot analyze more than one bonus number, supplemental bonus numbers or non-numerical bonus symbols.

Performing an analysis of a lottery game and putting together the final product is a fairly lengthy process. We cannot offer an exact time to completion (assuming the analysis can be completed - there is adequate data, etc.). We will notify you by email when the product has been completed and is available for purchase on our web site.

Please send your analysis requests to the email address shown below:

Contact eMail Address