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Lottery Quick Picks Using Your Favorite Numbers

A Lottery Numbers Pro Original Lottery Tool

Our "favorite number" quick pick generator allows users to generate number combinations that only contain numbers they specify for each number position. Users (you) can supply their own favorite numbers or use the recommended numbers found in our "Best Numbers" products. Click to see if we have a best numbers product for your lottery game.


  1. Define the amount of numbers selected in each drawing of your lottery game by clicking one of the round buttons to the left of "Set 2-6". For example, if six numbers are selected in your lottery game check the round button next to "Set 6" Doing so will activate all six form fields. If five numbers are selected check the button next to "Set 5", doing so will activate the first five form fields, and so on... A five number game is selected by default.
  2. You must enter at least one number in every active form field. Make sure that at least one number in each field is greater than the highest number in the previous field or there will be an error. You can enter overlapping and duplicate numbers but it may cause an occasional impossible combination (an error) - it's not a perfect program.
  3. Separate each number entered with a comma (no space - 1,2,3,4 etc.).
  4. If your lottery game includes a bonus number you may activate the bonus number option by checking the "Yes" button and setting the correct bonus range for your game.
  5. If you make an entry mistake an error message will likely appear above or below the problem form field(s). Make the necessary changes and resubmit the form.