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Lottery Game Wish List - "31 Days Of May"


Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on peoples lives both financially and personally. We believe that an annual, short-term, daily lottery game with million dollar jackpots and a guaranteed daily winner would not only instantly change the lives of many, but would also bring positive attention to a state's lottery. There is also the strong possibility that such a game would generate new, regular lottery players who would continue to play other games after this game ended for the year.

We would call the game, "31 Days of May". In this game there would be a drawing every day during the month of May with one guaranteed million dollar winner each day.

The cost to play would be $31 (one dollar per-day for the 31 day run of the game). The game would be limited to the residents of a state. That is, more than one state could play the game but players could only play in their state's game. This would improve the odds of winning and guarantee that each state playing the game would have 31 jackpot winners.

Players could opt-in to the game by checking a box on their state tax return which would reduce their tax return by $31. Players could alternatively opt-in online by providing proof of residency in the state, a social security number to provide proof of eligibility and make payment. Upon payment, players would receive a single, multi-digit number. This number would be their entry for each of the 31 daily drawings.

A single million dollar jackpot might not generate sufficient interest for a new lottery game to succeed. Thirty-one daily million dollar jackpots on the hand very likely would.

After taxes the average jackpot winner would receive about $630,000. In most states this is a life changing amount of money as one could pay cash for a nice home as well as a new car, truck or SUV. There would still be money left over to pay property taxes and other expenses for many years to come.

We would gladly pay $31 for a chance at winning one of the thirty-one million dollar prizes this lottery game would offer. Would you?