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The New Age Of Colds, Flu and Coronavirus - The Time Has Come For All State Lotteries To Allow Online Ticket Purchases


No one should have to put their life in danger just to buy a lottery ticket. However, that is exactly the risk they must take in states where online purchases of lottery tickets are not allowed.

One doesn't need a PhD in statistics to recognize that the odds of catching coronavirus while at the store buying lottery tickets appear far greater than the odds of winning Powerball (or most any lottery game for that matter).

Also, it's generally accepted that lower-income workers and senior citizens are more likely to play the lottery than high-paid workers and young adults. At the same time lower-income workers and senior citizens are more likely to suffer complications from coronavirus. One can only wonder then why some states are so opposed to allowing online purchases of lottery tickets which could help prevent the spread of the virus.

If states argue that current laws prohibit lottery ticket purchases using a credit card an easy solution would be to allow players to create online accounts and fund the accounts by direct deposit.

If states are concerned that online purchases will make it too easy to spend large amounts of money on tickets they could set yearly spending limits on all player's accounts.

When most state lottery laws were written there was no internet. Those writing the laws couldn't possibly have comprehended at that time what the internet and online commerce would become or a pandemic like coronavirus. A state's laws can and should be revisited from time to time and if necessary changed to better serve it's residents.

A tip of the hat to the states that currently allow online lottery ticket puchases. Players who live in those states can buy lottery tickets from the safety of their homes without putting their lives or the lives of others at risk. In addition, handicapped and homebound people in those states have easy access to the games should they want to play.

For the safety and protection of their residents all state lotteries should immediately facilitate online purchases of lottery tickets. There isn't a valid reason for not doing so.

If you agree, contact your state representive or govenor's office and let them know the time has come for online purchases of lottery tickets in your state. Your life and the lives of others may depend on it.