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Mega Millions Making Jackpot Changes Due To Coronavirus


The Mega Millions Consortium has made changes to the starting jackpot and jackpot increases as stay-at-home orders to combat coronavirus have negatively impacted lottery sales.

With so many people isolated at home with time on their hands and financial worries lottery sales should be going through the roof. Those who want to play the lottery should be able to purchase tickets online from the safety of their homes, but they can't. For whatever reason most states have not made it possible to purchase lottey tickets online.

I haven't seen statistics showing lottery sales in states that allow online ticket purchases vs states that don't, but I would assume the states that do allow online purchases are seeing steady or increased ticket sales.

My state does not allow online lottery ticket purchases. I would like to purchase my usual set of lottery tickets but am not willing to risk my health going to the store to do so. Also, I don't believe that purchasing a lottery ticket qualifies as a critical need (a valid reason for potentially exposing yourself or others to the virus).

A states first responsibility should be the health and safety of their residents. If the state is not willing to implement online ticket purchases then for the health and safety of the residents they should shut the lottery down temporarily. To encourage residents to leave their homes to purchase a lottery ticket while the virus is a clear and present danger is unconscionable in my opinion.